Committee 2001-2002


Aukje is our Commander in Chief, in charge of ensuring everyone does what they should and coordinating everything. Her usual bubbling enthusiasm appears to have prevailed as the look of panic that she had when she got the job has almost totally worn off 🙂


Sarah is our new treasurer, in charge of Ceilidhsoc’s fortune (ahem). This means that she must thwart Aukje’s plans of World Domination in favour of the more budget friendly Small-Corner-of-Sheffield Domination. She suffers from mild multiple-musician disorder in that she can be seen playing a different instrument each week – the cello, the guitar, the recorder…

Music Officer

Aisling’s encyclopedic knowledge of tunes ensured she got the position of music officer. She is in charge of orgnising the scratch bands for ceilidhs. She can be seen at sessions playing either a fiddle or the pipes – she’ll be the one with the random items in her hair. Currently under scientific investigation on suspicion of being atomically powered.

House Manager

Emma is now in charge of ensuring that the ceilidh’s run smoothly on the night. She will often be found asking if you will help out on the door in that terminally polite way of hers. The trick is to say yes, or the request will simply be terminal…

Equipment Officer

Simon let slip that he owned a car during the AGM, and shortly afterwards discovered he had volunteered to look after the Ceilidhsoc PA system. He even survived carrying it all back from the next ceilidh, which given the weight of all that kit was a good trick. He can be seen at sessions playing guitar.


John has the role of Vice-President, which officially makes him Aukje’s slave assistant and general dogsbody useful person. He’s also in charge of ferrying Sarah (Treasurer) around with her big bag of Ceilidhsoc “Official Stuff”.


Ben is the one who gets to deal with our email and snail mail and ensure that everyone knows what was said at meetings. He’s also intends to keep the text in the website up to date, though that would be breaking years of tradition for a society website. He may yet be a fountain of useful information – the trick is persuading him to speak loud enough for you to hear it…


Sarah is in charge of ensuring the world knows about Ceilidhsoc. She creates the posters and flyers that tell everyone when our events are, and is in charge of the marauding teams of people who splatter them around studentville.


Brian is the brains behind our website – he’s the one who developed most of the features that makes it all run, and the graphics that make it look good. Since he spends half the night coding and sleeps half the day, we’re under the impression he works on New York time.