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Committee 2003-2004


Jemma has switched from Treasurer to president this year so look forward to a hard driving year with plenty of enthusiasm and excitement. The photo is a bit old but we had trouble finding one that wasn’t blurred!


Please don’t be scared of the photo – Ian is lovely really – we just have a lot of trouble finding a photo that doesn’t make him look like a serial killer. To our knowledge this is not true but maybe he can keep the image long enough to extract some more money out of the Union.

Music Officer

Ceri is running bands and doing all things musical. Talk to her about tune books, session, beginners music or anything else that comes into your mind.

House Managers

Annie is taking on this role for the year but Ellie will be helping out for the start of the year until she goes to Singapore.


Isobel – currently winning the all time prize for avoiding both Ben’s and my cameras. I’ve only a couple of quick conversation so this section is pending more information…


Vicky, aka Cat Vicky (which can be really confusing ‘cos there’s also someone called Cat in Ceildihsoc). She seems to be doing some sort of PhD type thing.


‘Purple’ Jen is doing another year of this hard and difficult post. It takes lots of work, dedication and inspiration combined with being sort of hard to gauge how effective it has been. Fortunately after the last year we can have a good guess – over 300 members signed up – so the hope is she can do as well this year.


Me, sort of. I’m not officially on the committee this year but I’m still doing the web site.