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Committee 2004-2005


Ceri has taken on the role of Folky-in-Chief for this year and will using her powers of persuasion to master the art of delegating everything so that she can get on with playing and dancing.


Ian is continuing temporarily as treasurer until we can find a replacement. Ceilidhsoc has been quite successful recently, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who would like to spend all the money.

Music Officer

Charley is responsible for making sure that the music side of things runs smoothly. She is the person to talk to if you want to play in a scratch band, get a tune book, find out about sessions or “name that diddle”.

House Manager

After vanishing for a while, Simon is back with avengence and has taken over the front of house role. He’s in charge of organising someone to open and close up the ceilidhs, running the desk at the front, and feeding the band beer.


Ed will be taking on the role of Vice-President when he gets back from his year out being a Corporate Slave down south. He has a whole manifesto of new ideas to rattle the sleepy world of Ceilidhsoc (ahem) with, so we look forward to seeing what he’ll get up to.


Owain is going to be this year’s Secretary, in charge of communicating with the outside world by email and trying to keep the left hand of the committee up to date with what the right hand is doing. Good thing he plays accordian and is therefore practiced at such things then.


Liz will be head of publicity this year, in charge of making pretty flyers and posters and of persuading hordes of folkies to stick them everywhere. Despite the reduced ranks of publicity people recently we appear to be doing well at getting people to turn up to over-fill the ceilidhs. The number of members we have suggest that we have been using cult brainwashing tactics. Us? Never…


Ben is taking over being official website person from Brian, though no doubt Brian will still be doing bits of it (the tunes section is still fundamentally run by magic for a start). This means that Brian will have his revenge and gets to whinge when things are not updated this year.