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Committee 2005-2006


Having taken over Ceilidhsoc and successfully executed an invasion of That Other University during the first half of this year, young Mr Ed has abdicated and escaped Down South to become a Dot Com Millionaire. In his place steps up the estimable Mr Gideon Thomas, who is actually studying folk music for a Masters and therefore counts as our most qualified President yet.


Sarah is our new Chief Bean Counter, in charge of embezzling funds ensuring our books are balanced and all paperwork is completed. Good thing she’s good at fiddling then.

Music Officer

Alley is our enthusiastic new music officer, in charge of the political quagmire of deciding who gets the honour of being in the scratch bands. Or persuading and cajoling people to be in scratch bands, depending how enthusiastic the musicians are that week.

House Manager

Emily gets to run things on the actual night, in charge of opening and closing the venue and smiling nicely at people in the hope that they will take a spell on the desk.


Liz looked suitably terrified at the idea that she’s second in command, especially since Ed might be leaving later this year. She gets the jobs that nobody else does, so it’s handy that she was publicity last year then. She’s also in charge of getting us to IVFDF and ensuring that we don’t forget to have a Christmas Meal this year.


Gideon started as our wonderful new secretary, and is thus the one you have been getting emails from for the last few months since you joined (you have joined haven’t you?). He’s in charge of communicating with the world by email, ensuring the left hand of the committee knows what the right hand is doing, and keeping track of the hundreds of members. That’s in between being president now, of course. Welcome to Gidsoc.

Equipment Officer

We have an official Equipment Officer! Matt volunteered and everything! This amazing fellow is in charge of getting our PA from one place to another, which is no mean feat given how much there is and how much more we’d like to buy…


Ben will be doing another year of being webmaster and trying to keep the website up to date, or at least less than three months out of date. He apparently responds well to prodding and/or bribery when it needs changing.

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