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Committee 2010-2011


Rob is a physics post-graduate. Having been treasurer of ceilidhsoc a few years ago he’s returned to the ranks to lead the society. He can usually be found negotiating with the union, being a professional tree hugging hippy or eating biscuits!


Chris has gamely taken on the huge task of trying to make ends meet. He is in charge of trying to convince the Union that we need more money and then spending it when we get it. You’ll often find him on the door at the start of a ceilidh.

Music Officer

This is Conrad’s third year as music officer. He’s in charge of organising the bands we love so much, and he runs the music workshops each week. You can often find him playing in the band.

House Manager

Sonja is in charge of making sure we have somewhere to hold our ceilidhs! She books the rooms and makes sure we have security where we need it. She also makes sure we have a bar (the most important bit!).

Equipment Officer

Ed has been on the committee for 3 years in different roles. He makes sure our cupboard is tidy and fits all our stuff into too little space (the result of too much tetris in his youth!). He can do anything if given a screwdriver and a powerpack.


Steve went to his first ceilidh in 2006 during a social. He didn’t have a clue what was going on for most of the night and he remembers being completely exhausted by the end of it but he fell in love and has been to almost every Ceilidh since. This is his 2nd year as Vice-President.


Kat is in charge of organising things and keeping track of all you members. She’s the one who sends you all the cheery emails saying when the next ceilidh is!


Kim’s in charge of all non-mailing list advertisement of the society and its events. She designs and distributes flyers and posters, designs the society t-shirts and generally bombards the citizens of Sheffield with everything CeilidhSoc! You can normally find her at the door shoving flyers at you!


Sam turned up at the first ceilidh during freshers week last year and didn’t manage to escape! She’s now going into her second year doing journalism. You can normally find her battling with her computer (and probably losing).