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Committee 2011-2012


After 3 years as Music Officer Conrad has become President of Ceilidhsoc, in addition he still plays at sessions and in the band. As our commander in chief he is in charge of ordering the rest of the committee around and sending them on top secret missions.


Our very own gentile giant Rich is second in command, due to his hight he is an excellent point of reference if you get lost at a Ceilidh and he knows the moves so you can also follow his lead!


Secretary Lisa is far too organised, as proved by the weekly ‘Announce Digest’ email, and keeping the committee members in check, and organising dates for Ceilidhs, and… oh you get the point!



Rebekah is taking over as treasurer. She combines a sunny outgoing nature with the cold-hearted merciless accounting skills needed to maintain the CeilidhSoc big jar of pennies.


Equipment Officer

Rich H is our new technical genius (or Equipment officer to give its official name) taking over from Ed, you’ll usually see him twiddling with some knobs on the sound desk trying to keep all the bands instruments harmoniously balanced.

Music Officer

Our new Music Officer is long haired guitarist Ben, you’ll find him almost always in the band at Ceilidhs and leading the Sessions and Music workshops where he kindly helps budding musicians to learn the tunes for the sessions and Ceilidhs.


This year we have a ‘Publicity Team’, Amy and Sue are in charge of promoting Ceilidhsoc and its events into the faces and brains of ordinary folks, so if you see them handing out fliers it’s for a noble cause!

House Manager

Chris is the man in charge of the Venue on the night; organising it, making sure we have a stage and dealing with any problems on the night. He also looks a little like a pirate and is prone to commandeering navy vessels and sailing the high seas in them. Just kidding. Mostly!


That’s me, permanently struggling with my complete lack of experience with the website and trying to remember to do the Facebook events. Actually my job was made a whole lot easier by a whole new website made for us this year which is alot nicer to use, so a big thanks for that to John Brown!!

Inclusions Officer

By decree of the Union we have a new committee position of Inclusion Officer, taken on by Laura who’s job it is to make sure our Ceilidhs are as everyone friendly as possible as well as encouraging mass participation in dances.

Mascot Guardian

Toby turned up to the AGM wanting a place on the committee so one was made up for him, Mascot Guardian (our Mascot being Rustle the Green Dragon) . His roles include acting as bodyguard for Rustle against other University Ceilidh Societies and other forces of evil, and adding to Rustle’s Blog.