Committee 2012/2013


Bodacious megalomaniac control freak Lisa is our new President. Her role is to order people around and organise stuff. Any dissent is quashed by her trademark hard stare that she perfected whilst watching Paddington Bear. Lisa came to Sheffield to study microbiology to fulfil her childhood dream of developing a weapons grade flesh eating bacteria. When she is not pushing the boundaries of scientific ethics she likes morris dancing, singing and kittens. Lisa also looks nice in hats.



Hunky Rob (also known as Bob) made the mistake of being good at his job in previous years and hence is badgered into being on every subsequent committee as penance. CeilidhSoc folklore fortels that if Rob isn’t on a committee, then it will bring about the apocalypse. Hence Rob is Secretary for 2012. Ironically Rob can’t spell “Armageddon” but he doesn’t think it’s the end of the world.



Penny pinching, self proclaimed “enemy of fun” Blai (pronounced “Blye”) is taking the role of Treasurer this year. It’s his job to handle all CeilidhSoc’s cash without losing any of it or using it immorally. He was chosen for the role as he was voted least untrustworthy member of the committee. If we want to spend any money he won’t let us because removing any will make his well stuffed mattress less comfy at night. Blai is a medical student so he’ll be on call if anyone feels peaky at a Ceilidh. He will do impromptu examinations but only if you’re cute. Blai often looks thoughtful as he thinks a lot about stuff.

Equipment Officer


High octane sound sculptor Rich retains his position as Equipment Officer for another year after a lively and stress free first year. He’s that wizardy looking bloke who’s always stooping over the mixing desk and looking puzzled. Rich organises getting the equipment, setting it up and sound engineers a lot of our ceilidhs. He is also a big fan of feedback and tries to add it to the sound mix whenever he can. He also likes kittens but can’t eat a whole one.

Music Officer


Debonair, flamboyant, fun seeker (Mikey) Mike is our new Music Officer. In this role he makes sure that the wheels of the CeilidhSoc music bus can trundle on into the future. He organises the infamous CeilidhSoc scratch bands from the rag taggle bunch of surly musicians that hang around at sessions. He also runs the famous CeilidhSoc music workshops that we hold on weekly basis during term time. Mike enjoys the delights of life and especially fond of his dressing gown. He also likes kittens and making sheds.



Laura was so good as Inclusions Officer last year that she became publicity officer for 2012. Laura uses her gregarious nature to full effect making sure people know about our ceilidhs and especially making sure they know where the bar is. If you’ve never done sambuca shots before, she runs a very thought provoking workshop in the Edge bar at every ceilidh, but only if you are buying. When Laura is not publicising she enjoys spending quality time with her pet rat Harry. She also likes kittens. And dinosaurs. She really likes dinosaurs!

House Manager


Enigmatic, bandana toting Chris, continues his stint as House Manager for a second year. He loved it so much that he just had to continue! Chris’s role is to make sure the ceilidh runs smoothly, setting up the ticket desk, liaising with the venue staff and giving people stern looks if they don’t have the right change. When not managing houses, Chris enjoys extreme moustache modelling, rum drinking and is currently saving up for a parrot of his own.



The relevance of social media and the need for a strong and strategic web presence has become a highly important facet of a modern student society. Hence the role of Website Officer requires a special kind of proactive far sighted visionary to fill the role. Sadly, nobody of that calibre was available so we had to make do with Steve. His role includes posting stupid pictures online and annoying CeilidhSoc members with badly formatted and grammatically incorrect emails. Steve originally came to CeilidhSoc as it was the only social function he could attend without breaking the terms of his restraining order. His hobbies include avoiding dancing, playing bass and kittens.

Inclusions Officer


Phenomenal Phil wanted a change from being Web Officer and moved to the uniquely challenging role of Inclusions Officer. An inclusions officer makes sure that everyone is included in the CeilidhSoc experience. So if Phil runs up to you and give you a hug, then he’s just doing his job. When not including people, Phil likes to count his blessings.