IVFDF 2012 – Aberdeen adventure!

As some of you may have heard, Ceilidhsoc went up to IVFDF (the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival) in Aberdeen at the weekend. I missed the coach to IVFDF in Bristol last year, but I made it to coffee revs on Friday morning in good time – early enough to even catch an impromptu performance by Warwick University Rapper on the concourse! Warwick Folk Soc joined us on the coach, and 9 and a half hours (and several service station rapper dances) later we were in Aberdeen. I went straight to the Ceilidh with the Monster Ceilidh band – where else would a Ceilidh Monster go!

Over the weekend I went to lots of workshops – border morris with Boggart’s Breakfast, Balkan dancing, asymmetric waltzing, Basque dancing and silly dances! I also went to the display ceilidh, the Saturday evening ceilidh with Clachan Yell and the suvivor’s ceilidh on Sunday. I met lots of awesome people to dance with and lots of other mascots too!  I’m a bit lazy at Ceilidhsoc ceilidhs so I haven’t danced for a while – but lots of people wanted to dance with me, so I’ll definately be dancing a lot more now!

Look out for lots of pictures and videos of me and Ceilidhsoc at IVFDF on my facebook page – and bring on IVFDF 2013 in Sheffield!


With some of the other univesity mascots after the silly dances workshop 🙂