A central focus of CeilidhSoc is the music.  We hold a weekly session to play music that we all know and love. If new people come to the session, we want them to get to know the music as quickly as possible.  This means they will enjoy the session and hopefully come again. The more that people know the tunes, the better it sounds.  To help you get “up to speed” we are going to start publishing a list of our favourite tunes so you can have a go at playing them before coming to the session.  We won’t play all of the tunes every week, but there should be at least a few tunes that you can join in with.

We get together and play music that we have all learnt together usually through the sessions and the regular ceilidh music workshops.


  1. Rice
  2. The Sloe


  1. Out On The Ocean
  2. Edwin’s
  3. Calliope House


  1. Spootiskerry
  2. Red Haired Boy
  3. Ramnee Ceilidh


  1. Harvest Home
  2. Meatballs, Whiskey and Beer


Extra resources

If you’re really keen to get get information about folk music then here’s some sites that we like!


The backend of the ceilidhsoc website is currently being re-written. However the Music section has not been updated yet so please visit our old site to see our music collection.