Meet Our Mascot

295151_410396589018218_1683401437_nRustle is the name of our CeilidhSoc mascot, he is a member of a rare species…a ceilidh monster! He is 5ft tall with lovely soft green and purple fur and an impressive snout which is shaped like the bell of a clarinet so he can toot folk music when he’s feeling happy.

It is Rustle’s twenty first birthday this year! He was lovingly crafted on the coach returning from IVFDF in 1997 by dedicated CeilidhSoc members; famously gaining his name when they ran out of stuffing and substituted carrier bags which made him ‘rustle.’ In this same loving spirit we are excited to celebrate our loyal mascot’s birthday, and look forward to seeing everyone at the Friday night Ceilidh of  IVFDF 2018 for what promises to be a fantastic evening worthy of everyone’s favourite green and purple fluffy Ceilidh Monster.

Along with his wee companion Ruslet, Rustle ensures the smooth running of the society and can often be seen welcoming dancers at the ceilidh ticket desk. It’s a well kept secret, but together they’re actually in charge of CeilidhSoc – the committee are actually just their minions, happily dancing to the tune of the ceilidh monsters! With shared interests in music and kittens, they both love taking photos with their friends (Ruslet being particularly partial to a good hug), and especially dancing!

Learn more about, and befriend these very special mascots on their facebook pages: