Committee 2017/18

Every year CeilidhSoc is run by an elected committee of members who are dedicated to organising the society and hosting the very best events for everyone to enjoy!

President – Juliet Cookson

Role: Oversees the running of the society and support this dedicated committee in their various roles.

Fun Fact: Permanently has a cuppa in hand, and embarked on the university year with well over a thousand teabags.

Comment: As president, I want to share my love for ceilidhs and for folk music, it’s such a great scene that not enough people are exposed to!’

Secretary – Georgia Quarry

Role: Is the central administrator in the CeilidhSoc committee and maintains communications.

Treasurer – Esther Holland

Role: Looks after CeilidhSoc’s funds so that we can continue to keep hosting wonderful events.

                   Fun Fact:  Is often seen around Sheffield with a blue face, beautifully matching her red                      hair.

 Inclusions & Music Officer – Charlotte Robinson

Roles: Ensures that everyone feels comfortable at our events, and organises everything musical in CeilidhSoc from the scratch band and sessions to the interval entertainments.

Fun Fact: Can actually do the fandango.

IVFDF Liason & Equipment Officer – Christopher Fish

Roles: Maintains CeilidhSoc’s equipment so it is working nicely for our events and co-ordinates communications between the CeilidhSoc and IVFDF committees….but since he’s chairing the IVFDF committee, that isn’t as hard as it sounds.

                   Fun Fact:  Has the biggest beard on the committee.

Web & Publicity Officer – Rachel Keeling

Roles: Runs the website and CeilidhSoc’s social media presence and advertises our society events and sessions.

Fun Fact: Loves eating hummous and was once in a newspaper with a dalek.