I’ve never ceilidh danced before!

That’s fine! All our dances are called, so someone at the front will give you instructions beforehand and during the dance, and we’re all very friendly! We were all beginners once, so don’t be afraid to ask!

I like playing more than dancing, can I still come along?

All musicians are welcome to our regular Wednesday night sessions. Additionally, you could join our scratch band, who play for most of the ceilidhs. See the sessions page for more details. If you’d like to play, get in touch here!

Someone did/said something that made me uncomfortable at a ceilidh/session, what do I do?

If you have been made to feel this way, don’t suffer in silence. If you are unsure, view our etiquette guide and complaints procedure.
You are welcome to speak to any of our committee members if you have have a problem, or get in contact here.

What’s the thing in the logo?

Find out more about him here!