Fun Facts about Rustle the ceilidh monster!

1/ He was crafted by CeilidhSoc members on the coach to IVFDF 1997 to the sound of fiddle tunes and songs.

2/ Rustle’s design was an amalgamation of the many suggestions from CeilidhSoc members of what a ceilidh monster should look like.

3/ When he’s happy, you’ll hear his bell snout tooting folk music!

4/ He gained the name Rustle after the group ran out of stuffing, and substituted their t-shirt packaging, which made him “rustle”.

5/ Rustle and his companion Rustlet are in charge of CeilidhSoc, and the committee are their minions!

6/ Thanks to our Facebook, we have discovered that Rustle’s predecessor was a badger named Roger, with whom our 2018/19 Web and Publicity officer unknowingly had tea-parties as a toddler… It’s a small world.