Music Sessions

CeilidhSoc runs a folk music session every Wednesday evening during term time, 8pm till around 10:30pm, at The Dog and Partridge, 56 Trippet Ln, Sheffield, S1 4EL. Our sessions have continued to run all through Summer this year so come and join us when you can! All abilities, confidence and experience levels are welcome, and especially new students. If you’ve never done folk music before, that’s totally fine – we’re a friendly bunch and the pace will depend totally on who’s around, so you won’t be left behind!

Get the tunes: Thirty CeilidhSoc Favourites

We’ve created our CeilidhSoc Favourites tune book to help newcomers join in quickly.  We’ve included a range of tunes we love to play.  If you learn any of these, you’ll be off to a great start.  The book includes a rough guide to our sessions and what to expect.

Last updated 24 October 2018

CeilidhSoc Tune of the Week

Our amazing music officer, Rhodri, has been uploading tunes of the week, keep track of them on our Facebook page. Have a go at learning these and play them at our sessions whenever you like!

Links to other tune sources online

  • ABC Notation. A huge, searchable database of folk music, plus tutorials on how to learn ABC (a super useful, folk-orientated, text-based notation system).
  • The Session. A long-standing community website dedicated to Irish traditional music.
  • Folk Tune Finder. Another database of folk music, with some amazing search filters.  Find a tune by playing a phrase into a keyboard!