Rustle’s Page

Hi I’m Rustle. I’m the Sheffield CeilidhSoc mascot. I’m about 5ft tall with an impressive snout that is shaped like the bell of a clarinet so I can toot folk music when I’m feeling happy. I have a lovely soft green and purple fur and some resplendent fins over my head. I’m a Ceilidh Monster which is a special friendly monster who likes dancing, drinking beer and meeting people at ceilidhs.

I came into life on the back of the bus coming back from the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival in Cambridge 1998. My dear mother Jess and her friends came up with the idea to make a special ceilidh monster. With this idea in mind, she set about making me out of love, a few square meters of upholstery and at least 30 plastic carrier bags. It was mostly love though :-).

Because I was filled with carrier bags, I made a rustling sound when I moved. So she called me “Rustle”.

15 years on, and I’m still mascot of CeilidhSoc! I really enjoy ceilidhs you can usually find me by the ticket desk where I like to help out letting people into the ceilidh. I also love to dance and my mother had the foresight to make me with two very handy holding straps so I can be worn like a rucksack. If you want to dance with me then just ask whoever is on the desk if you can borrow me.

I love having my picture taken with new people so if you want your picture taken with me come over to the desk and I will pose for you.
If you want to you can friend me on Facebook. I have my own account just search for Rustle Ceilidh.

When I’m not doing ceilidhs or dancing or helping on the desk I like to spend my time listening to music. I currently like Justin Bieber, The Albion Band and Megadeth. I also like kittens, but I can’t eat a whole one.

See you at the ceilidhs!






Rustle at Lands End

Picture courtesy of Laird Martin Cheeseman