It’s ok to be scared and confused about folk music and dancing.  Here’s some of the questions that people most frequently ask:

Do I need to have previous dancing experience?

No, we have special callers that will tell you how to do the dance.  They’ll even shout out instructions as the music is playing.  If you are a total beginner then it is best to come to ceilidh before 9pm so that you get to do the easier dances.

Will I have to do Morris Dancing?

No, you don’t have to do Morris dancing, but we have plenty of members who are active in Morris teams so it’s a great opportunity to try it out.

What is a “scratch band”?

It’s a band that is made up of whichever musicians were available.  Since they are used to playing together at sessions, it quite easy for them to play on stage for dancing without any practice.  It’s quite usual to turn up as a musician and not know who you are going to play with that evening.

What is “Conrad speed”?

This is a term often used in CeilidhSoc sessions.  It means to play tunes very fast.  In fact as fast as a Lexus in top gear. This term comes from a previous CeilidhSoc president who played in this manner and become notorious for doing so.


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